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February 1, 2009

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Thread title: Dzogchen,Zen,Mahamudra. Whats the difference?
Date: August 2006

Forum member:

Hello all.

1)What are the differences between Dzogchen and Zen? They are both very similiar.

2)What are the differences between Dzogchen and mahamudra?

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

Like Zen, Mahamudra has a sudden rhetoric. Like Zen, failing that, Mahamudra falls back on gradual cultivation.

Unlike Zen, Mahamudra also has direct introduction and Guru Yoga. Unlike Zen, realization in Mahamudra is as dependent upon the blessings of the master and lineage as anything else.

It is very hard for Tibetan Buddhists to even take the claims of Zen enlightenment seriously. More or less the general consensus among Tibetan Buddhist masters and scholars is that “Zen” enlightenment is little more than “heat” on the path of application.

Of course there have been truly realized Zen masters in the history of Zen– but these modern day Zen “masters” who passed a bunch of koans and so on– really, who can take them seriously?– especially when they negate Buddhist teachings such as rebirth and teache “Zen” to non-Buddhists. If that is the kind of Zen we are talking about, it is no better than non-Buddhism and we do not need to discuss it here.