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February 8, 2009

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Thread title: Ngakpa, searching for Rime ngakpa
Date: Aug 10 2004,

Forum member:

Is anyone out there Rime ngakpa or ngakpo? I’m a serious practitioner who wishes to meet same on this forum or in private emails.
I want to connect to ngakpa but not as part of a lineage. (Been there, done that)

Also any sangha members who use english for their sadhans aand pujas.

May all beings benefit

Henry (E-sangha global moderator)

Aro gTer and True Buddha School are famous for their fake termas, and their leaders, of coz, are fake tertons.

if one is really interested abt living as a genuine Ngakpa under Nyingma tradition (like what you mentioned “looked like a bunch of kooks,wearing their white felt costumes and all.phurbas in belts and all”), one may want to seek guidance from those who follow Dudjom Tersar teachings and so forth.

Forum member:

Tharpa and Henry,

as you will see is my name Lian Hua. I am a member of the True Buddha School. And His Holiness Guru Lian Sheng is my root Guru. Why do you judge others. I am feel really sad that you do not practice “right speech” and talk so negative about other Buddhist. Your negative words do not show you have gained wisdom from the Buddha’s teachings.

I pray that other Buddhist or non-Buddhist shall never judge you as you judge others. And as true the words of the Buddha say: once the fruits of wrong speech wil ripen.