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Mad Cows and the Fall of Tibet

January 28, 2009

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Thread title: alternatives to Pabongka Rinpoche works?
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Date July 5th 2006

A discussion of Pabongkha and Lama Zopa leads to:

Forum Member:

You’re missing the point, maybe you should read it again?? The point was that a mistake from your Lama is actually not a mistake. Unless you are a Lama yourself, we cannot really judge them!

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

No, the mistake is yours actually for assuming that Lama Zopa’s advice applies to anyone outside of his Sangha.

Pabhongkha is not my Lama, he is not my Lama’s Lama, nor my Lama’s Lama’s Lama.

The idea that “Lamas” as a class of persons is beyond the judgment of mortals corrupts the heart of the Dharma.

Your Lama should be exempt from being criticized by you personally, unless his acts are too egregious to ignore. But this does not mean that other persons are automatically prevented from offering properly motivated criticisms of your Lama’s mistakes– then your challenge is a to maintain a pure view.

It would be nice to have a pure view; but that has to be real, not some fantasy realm that looks like a Tibetan Thangkha.

I don’t hate Pabhongkha; I don’t hate Dolgyal. But I think that Dolgyal is harmful and that because of him, the Tibetan Goverment fell, the Chinese were able to easily invade, and these sorts of things are predicted in many texts.

It may be hard for you to beleive, but the strong presence of Dolgyal practitioners in Northern England led to the Mad Cow disease outbreak; the burning of the millions of bovine corpses incited the anger of the Mamos, and they in turn caused these wars in which we are now ensconced– so this is no joke–really!

Forum member:

From my side I see that Lama Zopa wasn’t talking about protectors per se, he was talking about guru devotion in the context of the Lamrim.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

I understand perfectly what Lama Zopa was talking about, and I understand perfectly where he stands on this issue. He has said so himself. It is obvious he does not beleive that Dolgyal is as harmful as the Dalai Lama beleives.

But we are, as I said, all entitled to our opinions.