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February 9, 2009

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Thread title: Friends Of Western Buddhist Order, and Sangharakshita
Date: Aug 26th – 31st 2004

On August 26th a Forum member posts this:

I was wondering if anyone here is a member of, or has any opinions about Friends of the Western Buddhist Order FWBO?

I am interested in the fact that it has no specific affiliation with any certain school of Buddhism, but it rather generalizes and brings together all shared beliefs/aspects, making them more easily accesable to Westerners. Do you think this is beneficial, or damaging to the authenticism of individual schools of thought?

On 31st August, Anders Honore – an E-sangha administrator – informs us:

the reported incidents within the FWBO are far too numerous including in recent years to be put down to a few rotten apples.

Though it may have ‘corrected a few starting mishaps’ the fact of the matter is that its teachings are still founded on the thoughts of a sexually criminal mind, who deliberately violated his precepts and whose misconduct in general is too well reported to be put down to the personal grudge of a few belittled souls.

the FWBO is a large organised network and I am sure there is merit in this, but the fact that this network has done little to distance themselves from its throroughly rotten roots ensures its cult status. Perhaps if it acknowledged that there really is very little commendable abouts its original vision and that it cannot continue to affiliate itself with its past in any way without loss of integrity it might be considered a genuine Buddhist order. And even then, I am not sure there is much point in preserving the order, except to main the network.