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January 28, 2009

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Thread title: Formal Apology Thread, I need your forgiveness, folks.
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I want to make one thing clear before I make my actuall apology. I am not a good person and not a very sensible individual as I have fallen into some rather extreme beliefs and ideas. I want to say I am sorry if I have ever made any insinuations that Buddhism is a idol worshiping cult or any such statements. I want to make it clear that even if it is what my religion believes, I should n’t try to force it on all of you. My real issue is that I see America and the West in general as having abandoned it’s former Christian self. To see Buddhism coming to the West is a interesting thing and yet, it is a scary thing. The westerner had the Gospel, the message of salvation through faith. Our ancestors came over from Europe out of the Catholic Dark Ages to bring this to a land where they could practice this belief. The dharma is not wrong folks, it is just that it is the abandonment of the former belief and rebellion that is associated with it that I do not like. It is a great thing that many Lamas and Tibetans have found a home in places like the United States. I do not oppose that we are allowing these persecuted peoples to live in a land that is free like ours. I oppose it that we are going to other faiths for our spiritual needs. I am offended that people would say some things that I hear about God. I don’t like how some have said that the Christian God is a Brahma being and thus not a real powerful deity. I find this offensive and not right in the way it is said. I wish you wouldn’t have such opinions, but like I said before I won’t force my beliefs on you. I know you all come from various backgrounds and cultural environments. I hope you all can see me as a mere nuisance and not a enemy of yours. I can only ask for your forgiveness, this is what my religion teaches that I should do. I do not consider you my enemies, but even if I did I would treat you well. My religion teaches that I would have to treat you well and pray for you out of compassion. I want you guys to know that I am sorry for anything that I have said in the past and hope for your forgiveness once again. Thank you for reading this.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

We don’t believe in a creator god. In fact, we don’t believe in any sort of monotheistic god at all. We reject this belief because it does not accord with the universal principle of dependent origination.

There is no way to accommodate a belief in a supreme creator in Buddhism.

I have never found any personal value in Christianity, and I was not baptized. I was not raised Christian, so I am not abandoning anything.