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January 31, 2009

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Thread title: Amida Trust ordinations
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Date : Dec 17 2007

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in regards to lineage and amida trust.

it is true that lineage is not needed to read the sutras and practice nien fo. lineage is needed however if you are going to ordain as a bikshu or bikshuni. the vinaya is very specific about who and what needs to be present for ordination. this has been since the time of the buddha so indeed he did establish lineage. not a lineage based on birth (not for what we are talking about here anyway) but a lineage based on vows, teachers, and students. you can not ordain bikshus and bikshunis on your own, you need other people as well.

this leads me to the question, is amida trust ordaining bikshus and bikshunis? are they following vinaya? or are they some other type of position like priest or yogi etc. what exactly is this ordination.

that is well and good if dharmvidya does not believe lineage is of importance but it should be important to thos looking at this school because without some form of ordination lineage what makes this an authentic path and not a cult?

Namo Amitabha!

Dicussion follows and then we have:

Namdrol (Former Esangha Global Moderator):

The position of E-Sangha is extremely clear. If someone has not received the vows of a shramana up to Bhiskhu or Bhikshuni, they are not a Buddhist monk or a nun; they are lay clergy.

There are no Vinaya traditions within Buddhism other than Theravada, Mulasarvastivada and Dharmaguptaka.

Anyone claiming to be a Buddhist monk or a nun, who has not properly received ordination into one of these three vinayakramas [systems of vinaya] is a fraud. One cannot validly refer to themselves as a Buddhist monk or nun without receiving ordination into one of these three systems.

Because of the controversy surrounding Amida Trust, until further notice, all further discussion of Amida Trust will cease.