Instruction on Dissing Teachers

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Thread title: Teachers that break their samaya
Date: Jan 8th 2008

A discussion of the faults or otherwise of Pabhongka Rinpoche results in the following:

Jamyang Norbu (E-sangha Administrator)

This conversation has the potential to become very circular.

What everyone needs to take into consideration before discussing further is that not everyone accepts the attribution of Buddhahood to the same masters.

For many Gelugpas, Pabhongka is a Buddha. For many students of other schools he is not.

The same with people such as Gorampa, Dudjom Rinpoche, Dolpopa, etc. All of their schools think they are Buddhas, or at the least mahasattvas, but the Gelugpas in general would not accept this.

When having these cross tradition discussions we need to keep this in mind.

If one wants to convince others of the greatness of certain masters, they should talk about their perceived specific qualities. If someone wishes to dispute this, they should talk about their lack of perceived specific qualities.


One Response to “Instruction on Dissing Teachers”

  1. James Says:

    One of the greatest dangers of e-sangha is that its sectarianism and bigotry is subtle, not overt. Here, in Jamyang Norbu’s comment, we see this subtle negativity. As a Gelug practitioner, I would take exception that my school would not recognize the realization of such great masters as Dolpopa, Dudjom Rinpoche, etc.

    As Tibetan Buddhist practitioners, what we disagree on periodically is not the ultimate inexpressible dharma of realization, but the provisional dharma as expressed in words by different masters and teachers. If something should be kept in mind re “cross tradition discussion” it is *this*, not the simplistic argument that Gelugpas like Pabongkha-la and Nyingmas like Dudjom-la, etc…

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