Buddhist Forum

Warning, E-sangha is an online Buddhist forum that promotes religious intolerance and sectarianism. Please select categories for more examples.

If you have witnessed such abuses on E-sangha, please report them at:

esanghareport at gmail.com

Please go here for more information.


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One Response to “Buddhist Forum”

  1. jason Says:

    I have witnessed gossip and ad hominem attacks made against Aro gTer in particular quite often over the past seven or so years.

    E-sangha has consistently shut down and/or disabled anyone who objects to their line of thinking. This fascistic urge to dominate any and all opposition to their party line is an obvious show of fear.

    Buddhism, especially Tantric Buddhism, does not adhere to puerile conventional definitions, rather it promotes liberation from cycles of neurotic dualistic clinging.

    Many of the moderators at E-sangha have shown that far from promoting this liberation, they’d rather squawk, condemn and abuse those who they deem unworthy or unfit for their ‘party line’ – thus propagating ‘padlock and key dharma’ rather than the Dharma that liberates in one lifetime.

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