The Words of Mara

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Thread title: just sitting
Date: Jan 14 2009

Rev Nonin (Forum member) :

No one is free from delusion forever. Nothing is permanent. Delusion keeps coming up.

Anders Honore (E-sangha administrator)

That is really at odds with how this is usually taught in Buddhism, of any kind really.

Rev Nonin (Forum member) :

Not really. Nothing is permanent, Anders. This is basic Buddhist teaching. The absence of delusion is a mental state, and all mental states are impermanent. The second bodhisattva vow is “Delusions are inexhaustible; I vow to end them.” Inexhaustible means inexhaustible. The vow is to end them whenever we are afflicted by them. Buddhist practice is an ongoing process with no end.

This is how it is taught in the Buddhism I’ve studied and practiced.

Hands palm-to-palm,


Namdrol (former E-sangha global moderator)

This is an unacceptable position, these are the words of Mara, Adharma, False dharma, and may not propagated here at E-Sanga, in any forum. People who present themselves as Buddhist teachers here should not enunciate such falsehoods, lies and slanders.


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