There are no nuns

Subforum: Traditions > Tibetan Buddhism > Tibetan Buddhism General Forum
Thread title: Geshe Michael Roach
Date: Jan 13 2006

During a discussion of the faults of Geshe Michael Roach, we learn the following from Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

They are not fully ordained nuns– they are religious lay women who have decied to be celibate– unless they have received the Dharmaguptaka ordination from the Chinese Buddhist tradition, which seems unlikely, but it is possible.

You see, none of the preceptors that brought the ordination of Sarvastivada, Not Shantarakshita, Kamalshila, etc., as mentioned by Gorampa brought the bhikshuni or even the sharmanerika or shikshamana ordinations to Tibet— such an ordination absolutely does not exist in Tibetan Buddhism.

Therefore, within Tibetan Buddhism, there is no nuns ordination at all, just as there is no celibate lay ordination [i.e. gomi] ordination in Sarvastivada at all, as stated very clearly by Master Vasubandhu in the Kosha.

While I do not wish to criticize the motivations of these women who are living in these retreat centers, they are not true Buddhist nuns since they do not have any of three ordinations of a Budhdist nun, shikshamana, shramanerika or bhiklshuni.


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