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Thread title: Dalai Lama Unwell
Date: Wednesday, 27 August 2008,

Forum member:

Dharamshala: His Holiness the Dalai Lama has been experiencing some discomfort in the past couple of days. His personal physicians attributed this to exhaustion and have advised him to cancel his engagements for the time being and instead complete the remaining medical tests that began earlier this month in Mumbai.

It has therefore been decided that all his schedules for the next three weeks, including the visit to Mexico and the Dominican Republic, are being canceled with immediate effect.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

We can all thank the Shugden people for HHDL’s present state of ill health.

Forum member:


I was hoping you could expand on this and explain the connection.
Kind regards

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

Imagine thousands of people calling you a liar for months on end and in public…

Forum member:


But how is it different to what the Chinese Government have been doing since His Holiness fled occupied Tibet in 1959?
Again, many thanks for your patience.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

The Chinese Gvt. does not stand outside of HHDL’s teachings holding up placards and chanting for days on end. Also, the Chinese Gvt. does not propitiate spirits with severe antipathy to HHDL.

Further, the leaders of the Pro-Shugden movement all have samaya with HHDL, and they have totally broken their samaya, and their students also have samaya with HHDL through their teachers. These teachers have instructed their students to tell the world that HHDL is a liar. This is a violation of the the first root downfall.

When a large number of people break samaya, it is bad for the teacher in question.

These Shugden people worship a Damsri, a samaya breaking spirit, and are themselves all samaya breakers.

A second forum member:

Shugden supporters are probably pating themselves on the back for a job well done. No doubt most will feel HH the Dalai Lama is ill because he banned a great Buddha. All the while they where making prayers to the spirit to silence HH the Dalai Lama by any means necessary. I know when I worshipped the dreadful spirit I made prayers to it believing HH the Dalai Lama was trying to destroy Tsongkapas doctrine. I felt at the time HH was evil, and must be stopped. That’s how brainwashed Shugden followers can become. I now realize how wrong I was, and I’m deeply ashamed I ever got involved with such people. I wish HH a speedy recovery. I ask in prayer every night that he is protected from the spirit. It upsets me deeply I used to ask the spirit to harm him. That’s what Shugden supporters are doing whether they realize it or not.

3rd forum member:

Hi there,
You said when you were a Shugden follower you prayed for him to harm the Dalai Lama.
This means that although you did pray for the Dalai Lama to be harmed at that time you were not, by virtue of this bad intention or prayer, a Shugden follower except in name.
I do follow Trijang Rinpoche and love his pure example. Due to this I would never pray for anyone to be harmed: so I am not clear where you are coming

4th forum member:

It’s a shame to hear that the Kundun is feeling tired and unwell. The best case situation being that we can hope for his recuperation and that he will be able to work for many years to come. However this may not be the case and it may be that he dies. IN this unfortunate case, it will be necessary that the people here and in the world in general have the right attitude. His death will be tragic, but it may end the debate over the Dorje Shugden and the NKT’s complaints of persecution in India. I have to say that the mention of Dorje Shugden is a very strong explosive for me. I really do get pissed when I see it or someone defending it. I recomend Phowa with a Colt 45 to be used on any practitioner of the Dorje Shugden cult of the NKT…yeah right just kidding! Still though, they do worse with their own selves and others. The worship of the demon brings death and destruction to the regions of whoever accepts this infernal practice. It cannot be allowed to exist and given no recognition.


One Response to “Incitement ?”

  1. Caz Says:

    It amazes me to see this kind of bigoted hatred comeing from students of the dalai lama, how can shugden practitoners have samaya with the dalai lama personally i dont i have never made a commitment to the dalai lama only my kind teacher and that lineage of commitment is unbroken where as if we examine the dalai lama junior and senior tutors trijang and tsong rinpoche would both have iniated the dalai lama into the path and them both being shugden practitoners he has broken his obligation to preserve the teachings of the gelugpa traditon, strangley enough for no matter how many people hiss and spit at dorje shugden practitoners the dalai lama or high masters cannot subdue dorje shugden, seeing as he is not an evil spirit they are unable to, this is simply a case of mistaken appearence and it is very shameful indeed to see this sectarian bigotry transfered from dalai lama to students such as his, the people who went to protest the dalai lama on his activities limiting the freedoms of shugden practitoners have been condemned for doing so yet the obvious hypocrasy doesnt seem apparent to people like namdrol if it is okay for the dalai lama and the tgie to ban religious freedom for dorje shugden practitoners ostracise them from the community and more then it obviously must be okay for the chinese government to do the same to monks in tibet ( i think not ).

    death threats are common to shugden practitoners as you can see from above, i personally find it shameful that a man who is reputed to be the emination of the buddha of compassion if fueling the fire for his students to generate such sectarian attitudes.

    To leave you with something to think about In recent times again, such an attempt was again made to kill shugden and Dorje Shugden was declared ‘dead’. The very next day, he took trance and said this:

    “They can bury me in earth,
    drown me in water,
    burn me in fire
    but they cannot destroy
    what is not object to destruction.
    Do not worry – soon the sun will shine.”

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