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Thread title: alternatives to Pabongka Rinpoche works?
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A discussion of alternatives to Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand is interrupted with:

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

If you open books composed by Pabhongkha you are inviting Dogyal.


One Response to “Pabongka”

  1. James Says:

    one of the things that always bothered me about e-sangha’s stance on dhogyal is that it was always somewhat arbitrary. there is a very blatant intellectual immaturity in casting a shadow on select gelug lineage holders such as pabongkha rinpoche to the exclusion of others. the stated purpose is to warn others of gelug lamas that practice and teach dhogyal. that is nonsense, as that stated purpose is shunted into a fixation on one or two individuals such as pabongkha rinpoche and geshe kelsang gyatso.

    this fixation on bashing one or two players really obfuscates the issues. if one is a contemporary gelug practitioner, it is quite difficult to practice in a stream of transmission that does not involve some a former dhogyal practitioner. to state that one should not open a book composed by pabhongkha rinpoche is to ask many practitioners to take their seat between a rock in a hard place, as it is quite possible that their six session yoga or deity practice was composed by pabongkha rinpoche.

    in my humble opinion, if we wish to inform ourselves about dhogyal, we need to have a very open and honest dialogue about the issue. a zero tolerance attitude on one of the most controversial subjects in contemporary tibetan buddhism is myopic at best. what we risk is that the dialogue becomes a non-discussion, like incest or addiction or other taboo subjects.

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