D. T. Suzuki was one of the first Asian teachers to kindly come and spread knowledge of Buddhism in the West.

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Thread title: Lankavatara Sutra
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Date: December 1st 2008

Forum member:

I have been studying the Lankavatara Sutra for a few years now. Specifically the abridged version by DT Suzuki and Dwight Goddard.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

Then you have been studying crap. Dwight Goddard tortured that translation into Theosophical rubbish.

Forum member:

“crap” is a little strong. I have read the version that Goddard took it from. Not really all that different just condensed with of course all of the chapters I previously mentioned taken out. As i said previously my preference would be for a brand new translation of the Gunabhadra translation. If Im not mistaken that is the one that the Tibetans use as well.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

Too weak a term actually. Goddard does not represent the text at all.

Of course the Tibetans use this text.

Forum member:


Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

Having compared Suzuki with Tibetan and Sanskrit, while it represents an important first try, it is way off base in so many places it is not funny.

Forum member:

I wasnt into debating the relative merits of the various translations. I just simply wanted to read and study the version that Master Bodhidharma read for my own personal enjoyment.

Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

Of course– but without a competent translation, this is not possible.


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