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Thread title: Mahayana Philosophy Of Emptiness…, and post-modernism ?
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Date: Jan 10th 2005

Forum Member:

Comon now Moderator. You once that you could not respect a religion which founder was someone whom raped. You said this person was Muhammed and the religion was Islam.

It is said that the Buddha was sexualy experienced. Not only with his wife but with many women. As I understand they ran prostitution back then. Siddharta used these women for sexual desires. He also lived in a society were there was no democracy, and he did not oppose it, i presume, atleast no before he became enlightened. You could say he was a man of his time, not so good, before he left the daily life and he became enlightened. It was probably the same with Muhammed, he might not have been a good man, but his deep understanding of God -> Islam probably changed him.


It is theoretically possible that a childabuser becomes an arhat, a buddha or a christ. If that person radically changes and enters nirvana and becomes enlightened. That person stops being a childabuser since there is no sexuality, twisted or not, in nirvana.

Muhammed was a prophet. Not a example, not a rolemodel.


Namdrol (Former E-sangha global moderator):

As far as Mohammed goes, when he “took” his last wife, an eleven year old jewish girl, he did so after destroying the town in which she lived, after killing her family. All of this after his return to Mecca, well after he started communicating the Koran.

As far as I am concerned, Mohmmed as a bandit, rapist and war lord.

The Buddha certainly had many consorts– the vast majority of whom eventually follow the Buddha into renunciation after he permitted his step-mother to become a nun.

There is no comparison between Buddha and Mohommed.


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